Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The "Game"

Let's see...

Well, I found this... kind of like... "game"... from this girl's blog. The game is... like... to help motivate people like me; and, I really think it'll be fun! I am pretty competitive, which I definitely think will encourage me more!

Anyways, it goes like this:

Welcome ladies, to the first day of the rest of your life! Please take the time to register by stating your height, current weight, goal weight. If you wish to, you may add something about yourself regarding a few goals you have in mind during this process!

1. Motivation
* Commenting on another member's page [+1 point]
*Posting blogs [+ 1 point]
*Posting Thinspo [+1 point] per entry
*One circumstance where weight is the case, must be listed per day [+1 point]
I.E. Modeling, dance, relationship(s), confidence, bikini season
*Three body things you want to fix [+1 point]

2. Calories
You MUST be committed :
*You MUST eat under 800-1200 calories per day
Points will be distributed as accordingly:

Fasting [+3 points]
Intake of <500>1200 calories [0 points]

3. Exercise
You MUST exercise 3 times per week
Points will be distributed as accordingly:

*Working out at the gym, using elliptical or treadmill, etc.
10 minutes [+1 point]
20 minutes [+2 points]
30 minutes [+3 points]
40 minutes [+4 points]
50 minutes [+5 points]
(So on, so forth...)

Attending a work out class or watching a work out video [+1 point extra]

4. H20
You MUST be fully hydrated

*[+1 point] per 8 oz glass of water

Drink 2 glass of water before any food intake, always

5. Sleep
This step in critical!

*4-8 hours of sleep [+5 points]

6. Supplements
*Diet-pill intake [+2 points]
*Binge eating of any kind [-5 points]
*Purging [+2 points]
*Multivitamin [+1 point]



My personal data:

Height- 5'1"
Current weight- 122 lbs
Goal weight- 96-100 lbs

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