Monday, February 9, 2009

If You Fall Off, Get Back On...

Go ahead, binge you fatty. Go ahead, binge you fatso. Go ahead, binge you lard-ass. That is what you did this weekend, isn't it? Ate straight through your motivation, threw it away along with all the other junk you throw into that garbage of a body you have?

The worst part, you were doing so well. Didn't you feel a sense of control, a sense of accomplishment after being able to reject so many temptations? There was the staff-room, filled with doughnuts, but you were able to say no. There was the bag of chocolates that your co-worker left on the table for you as a farewell gift, but you were able to say no. And, then, to lose yourself over weekend of laziness only to gain more weight? Pathetic, that you would give that all up in a few moments of weakness.

Do you want this or not? That is all it comes down to. If there is a temptation, don't ask yourself whether or not you want to eat it, whatever it may be; but, do ask yourself whether or not weight-loss is something that you really want.

Do you want this or not? My answer is yes; yes, I do want this MORE than anything!

As cliche as it is, we were all taught from a young age that if you fall off that horse, you better get back on and ride again. I am determined, I can do this, I want to do this, I will do this.

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