Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 4:

Sorry, I couldn't find time to post yesterday. All day I was running around doing errands with my my mom. Then, when we got home we watched a movie; annnnd, after that I was waaaaay too tired to even think about blogging.

So, here is yesterday's update: I can proudly state that I have earned 3 MAC MAKE-UP PRODUCTS!

Woot, woot.

I was feeling tired all day, but I really was grateful that I was so busy running so many errands that I didn't really have the time to stop and eat. I was a little tempted at the grocery store (with all the yummy foods), but I resisted getting anything.

Well, the four day fast is over. I hope I don't binge today because of it. Tomorrow, I am going to do another fast, but this time just a two day fast.

My school starts soon, and since I am going to be living in the dorms, I am going to leave my blog behind (I will use it during the holidays when I am home).

Alright, I am off to run more errands (getting all this crap for school, ugh, lol).



obsessionperfection said...

great job at fasting!! and its very hard to resist sometimes in the store, so i am super proud of you. good luck with your next fast !!!

=[ i will deff. miss your blog A LOT when you dont write. but i completely understand! stay strong!

Stick Thin said...

Awesome! I'm glad you got to get three new make ups

stay hydrated!

obsessionperfection said...

well thank you for you sweeet comment=] and actually today was a lot better=]

e.m said...

Oh wow. How do you manage the fasting so incrediby well? Admirable. Might wanna pass some tips? :)
Really? Blog only on holidays? :'(

elle x said...


yes lets do it ;) ok we have to be at lease 105lbs by thanksgiving? nov 26th? we can do it. i'm 112lbs now so thats 7lbs in like 5weeks. we can do it!
shall we have like a weigh in day every week and let each other know how were doing?
comment back on my blog

elle x said...

Same, i definatly want to lose by then! sunday night would be good but we have different times cuz you live in america right? well we will just post a comment on each others blogs anytime on sunday :) okk? i have been really good day. i have had nothings all day, then been gym and had tomatoe soup for tea. good 1st day i think. love ellex good luck.

e.m said...

Oh wow, thanks for the tips! My issue is that because winter is coming, my usual exercising becomes a little bit difficult, but I can always try indoors xD
thank you :)

faz77 said...

Wow you must be so strong to be able to not go crazy in a grocery store! Congratulations!
Anyway we'll miss ur blog when you're gone... but good luck in the dorm from temptations and what not!
Stay strong!