Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am a little late posting this week, lol. I went on a mini-vacation with a few of my friends. The bad news is that I didn't lose weight this week (it always seems so much harder to steer clear of bad eating habits with friends), but the "good" news is that I didn't gain weight either. I mean, it isn't really good news, but it is better than if I had put on a few pounds, right?? So, I weigh in this week at 114 lbs... AGAIN.

My personal data:

Height- 5'1"
Starting weight- 122 lbs
Current weight- 114 lbs
Goal weight- 96-100 lbs


MyNameIsMellon said...

Exactly! It is so hard not eating with friends around, especially if you're having a really good time. And Razia Khan is my freakn idol now. She is sooo gorgeous!

Stick Thin said...

hey you maintained! Thats good :) Thanks for reading my blog! Can't wait to get get to know you. Sheesh 114 pounds! You cute little shorties make me jealous


obsessionperfection said...

thanks for following! i really really like your blog! and its good that you maintained though! you didnt gain!

you can lose=] stay strong girly