Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello girls!

I am home for Winter break, and, well, here is the scoop- since I have been living on campus, I have had the most monstrous diet of nasty, fattening cafeteria food. I actually have gained 7 lbs *yuck* over these last three months. I want to get back to what I was before I left for school, and then when I am at school focus on reaching my goal weight.

My personal data:

Height- 5'1"
Starting weight- 122 lbs
Current weight- 119 lbs
Short-term goal weight- 110-112 lbs
Long-term goal weight- 96-100 lbs

I have three weeks to lose 7-9 lbs.

Daily plan of action:

Food intake- between 500- 1000 calories
Drink intake- 8 oz of water
Exercise- for an hour; working on cardio & abs

I haven't had time to catch up on everyone's blogs, but I, hopefully, will be able to do that soon. Your blogs really help give me that extra little "umph" of motivation.

I hope you are all doing well~


SBB said...

You can totally do 7 lbs in three weeks!!! Just stay strong and in control!

Wilted Rose said...

Good luck to you great positive thinking :D

e.m said...

awww, I didn`t notice you were back because I was gone. are you back in school already?